Giving Feedback

Recommend a Member

After a transaction, the Buyer can leave a visible comment on the quality of the service received. After you Login go to Recommendations under Buyer Actions on your homepage.

There you can leave a recommendation, and view all other recommendations. To view recommendations for an individual Member, login and go to USERS. Select the User, and view recommendations:

Report a Member

To date, any issues have typically been about

  1. Offers or Wants that are out-of-date (i.e. time-wasting)
  2. Sellers failing to reply to enquiries

If an issue arises around an unsuccessful transaction or communication problems, please contact Cork LETS by email at and a volunteer will try to sort it out. For instance, if a member has failed to respond, a volunteer will endeavour to contact the member and confirm if they are still living in the area and interested in participating in LETS.

Comment on this Website

Feedback on every aspect of the new LETS is very important to us. Please feel free to communicate your ideas and opinions. Email today.