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  • We never share your details with any third party.
  • All members must be contactable – so please keep your email and phone details up-to-date. After joining, you can “hide” your contact details, but you must remain contactable – to verify that you are genuine, and to trade.
  • If a member fails to respond or reply to your emails or calls or if they cannot be reached, inform and we will investigate.
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(If registering as Company or Organisation)

Your Offers

Please include at least one Offer – something you can provide. You may edit your Offers and add more after joining.

Pricing guide:

We suggest either:

  • Comparing with existing Offers to gauge prices, or,
  • 1 credit per 10 minutes of time (₵6/hour) as a guideline/benchmark.

More info:

Example:  Maths & Physics Grinds
Leaving Cert grinds in higher level and ordinary level maths, applied maths and physics
Cr.15 / hour

Your Wants

Please include at least one Want – something you need or desire. You may edit your Wants and add more after joining.

More info:

Example: Bed and mattress
I am looking for a full-sized, single-width bed and mattress. Anyone have one?

Once you join, our Administrator will process your application. It's not an automated process so please allow a few days.

You will receive:

  1. An email with your LETS account Number;
  2. A random password, which you use to Login, and then change, if you wish;
  3. Information on how the seller can log a transaction, see “Enter Single Transaction”. (It's the seller who enters the payment on the system).
  4. Your 12 Starter Credits.